Blackmagic Davinci Resolve // Avid Symphony Nitris // 4K // Sony OLED

Professional Colour Grading at ADBS

Whether it's a job that requires heavy colour correction or you want to achieve an artistic look for your TV/Film production, ADBS has the professional tools and expert colourists for the job. We have workflows and methods for all post production types - FCP, Avid, Adobe etc

Our main grading system is a Davinci Resolve for Mac running on New Mac Pros and Blackmagic output cards with fibre RAID storage capable of 4K Grading with real time playback. Davinci Resolve colour grading delivers the best blend of power, quality and creativity of any package. We use Tangent Element and Wave controllers for speed and precision grading.

Our video monitoring is Grade 1 professional. This allows the colourist to know exactly what the image looks like. We use Sony OLED monitoring for the best black level possible, with extremely accurate colour reproduction. Blackmagic Ultrascopes are used for waveform reference.

Avid Symphony is also available for grading if the project requires. The Avid is symphony nitris version 8.

ADBS are used for film, broadcast and corporate post production.
Our broadcast clients include BBC, ITV, BSkyB, and Discovery Networks.